Men’s Tango Pants Fabric Advices! 3 important Elements…

In this article, I am giving advice on how to choose the fabric for mens tango pants.

Tango dance is so amazing that it adds great value ​​to our lives. Our circle of friends is expanding, we meet new and qualified people, we are starting to participate in new events. Tango affects almost all of our social habits; It causes changes in the list of activities we attended and could not attend.

One of the issues that tango affects is our wardrobe. We don’t just have casual clothes in our wardrobe anymore, now we have tango pants, tango dresses of all colors tops specially designed for tango and tango skirts with beautiful waves. That’s why tango outfits are becoming a part of the budget we spend on your clothes. So, what should we pay attention to use the budget we allocate to buy tango clothes most appropriately?

In this article, I will explain how important the fabric selection is to use your budget correctly when buying tango pants. (I have explained the points that I think are important when buying tango dresses and other tango clothes for women in my article here.)

1- Fabric selection for Non-Wrinkle Tango Pants

As much as you look stylish while dancing, it is also important how stylish you will continue to look throughout the dance πŸ™‚ This depends on which activity you dance. If we consider it for a short lesson, any pair of trousers can do the trick. But if you are going to attend a milonga or a tango festival, it is important for you not to wrinkle your pants during the night. Maybe you can change your shirt or t-shirt during the night, but changing tango pants may not be so practical. Even so, it will not be easy to bring spare tango pants with you and keep them in your bag without wrinkling.

Your tango pants crease both when you carry it in your bag to your dance floor and when you dance or sit during the dance night. If you don’t want this to happen, you can make sure that the fabric you choose for your

trousers have a high polyester ratio. Fabrics with high polyester content wrinkle less than other fabrics and their ironed forms last longer.

If you prefer our Businessman model, which is our tango pants model that we designed for both daily use and tango, we can recommend that you choose fabrics with a high polyester ratio. Choosing polyester fabric instead of a detailed ironing every day will be a suitable choice for your purpose in choosing these trousers. Choosing the right fabric can turn into an important detail so that your trousers you wear throughout the day do not wrinkle and make you look stylish during the tango class or dance night.

2- Fabric Selection for Non-Sweating Tango Trousers

Do you sweat a lot while dancing tango? It may seem strange to you, but in this case, you should choose woolen fabrics. I know that thick fabrics with a high degree of wool are often used in winter products to increase their warmth. However, wool fibers have a breathable structure, and if used in a thin fabric with elastane in the right ratio, this allows your skin to breathe and keeps you cool without sweating. For those who want to prefer organic fabrics and those who want to keep you cool while dancing, we offer these fabrics as an option here in the Exclusive fabrics series.

One of the disadvantages of the Exclusive series with woolen fabrics may be that it is a bit more expensive. However, if it overruns your budget, you can buy these pants by taking advantage of the discounts we make from time to time. You can open the notifications when you enter to follow the discounts, or you can follow the discount codes we share on this site.

3- Tango Pants and Fabric Color

Undoubtedly, when you want to buy tango pants, a color, print, or pattern has already appeared in your mind. But if you have no idea what color or fabric to choose, go to your closet and check out the shirts you want to wear with tango pants. The color and model of these clothes will guide you in choosing the fabric for the tango pants you will buy. For example, if you love a plaid shirt and intend to wear your tango pants with it, the fabric you choose should not be plaid. The same is not always true for the opposite. So, of course, you can choose a solid-colored fabric for a solid-colored shirt.

When you buy tango trousers, what do you pay attention to when choosing a fabric, or what do you think about the issues I mentioned? Please share with me and I believe your thoughts and experiences will be important to others as well. Don’t forget to open the page notifications for the next post.


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