Untangomas Gift Card

What is Untangomas Gift Card?

Untangomas Gift Card is a digital card you can buy to give as a gift or to use later. You can choose the amoun of the gift card. The choices are 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 €.

Its like a Penny Bank

Untangomas gift card works like a penny bank. You can spend as much amount you desire. You can spend amount left money in the card ,on each time. You dont loose any money.

Digital Gidt Card


How can i buy/send a Tango Gift Card ?

After choosing amount of your tango gift card you want to send, Fill in the blanks like this:

To : Who do you want to send the tango gift card? Please enter his/her email address.
From : Write your name.
Massage (optional) : Leave a lovely massage.

Add to chart and Place order.After completing payment, you are going to get a confirmation email and your friend get an email with Tango Gift Card Code. That’s all. You can see the details in the description.

How can I use Untangomas Gift Card?

You can use your tango gift card code on Shopping Cart Page. All you need to do write your code and push Apply button.
If your gift card amount is greater than your cart, you can use the rest of the gift card again at your next orders.
You can use your Tango Gift Card whenever you want. There is no ending time.
If you have any question about Tango Gift Card, or any problem please contact us.

You can buy Untangomas Gift Card Here.

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