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I want to start with this:  The reason we started sewing tango trousers and tango dresses was to meet our students and our own needs. Because we’ve been dancing and teaching tango since 2005 . In this process, we used a lot of tango materials and presented many of them to our students. However, the products we use and the products we offer to our students have not fully met our expectations.

We asked ourselves why we don’t make the products meet our expectations. We knew exactly what a tango dancer  needed. My mother had more than 40 years of sewing experience as a professional, she could sew well. I was a mechanical engineering graduate so I could design and draw. And we had students waiting for tango products from us. All that was left was to start. so we started. 🙂

We do all the tango products with great love, as if  we are making them for us and our students.

Enjoy !



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