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Payment Methods

1 – Credit Card / Debit Card

You can use Credit Cards or Debit Cards to make your payments. In order to be internationally reliable, we preferred to use the infrastructure of Paypal in this payment system. You can sit back and securely complete your payments.

Click on image which you want to prefer at payment page.

Credit / Debit Card

2 – Paypal

If you are a Paypal User, you know how Paypal works and its advantages. Paypal tracks whether the product reaches you and establishes a secure bridge between the seller and the customer. Paypal is one of the secure forms of payment we have chosen for you.

3 – Bitcoin

Untangomas, which is innovative in every respect, offers you the advantages of technology in the payment system. You can pay with Bitcoin by clicking Qr code. Your Wallet directly opens and you can pay. That’s it.

You can pay with the Altcoins ETH and LTC ,too.

Note: It has been disabled for a while. Please write to us to use bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin / ETH / LTC

4 – Untangomas Gift Card

You can use Untangomas Gift Card while you are shopping. You can pay the total amount or part of the total amount by Untangomas Gift Card. You can learn how you send/buy gift card and how you use from here.

Tango Gift Card
Digital Gidt Card
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