4 Tips for Buying Tango Dresses Online

Tango gives us the chance to experience surreal, dreamlike memories. Excitement you experience when you first meet with tango. Day you go to your first milonga. The first time you dance. All of them are wonderful moments.
There is one more thing that is great about tango. And those are tango dresses. A detail that makes the fairy tale real for women. So, what should you look for when buying online Tango dresses? In this article, I will talk about this in 4 steps.


1- Ask for a detailed fabric photo.

You saw a dress and loved it. Its design, patterns, color, everything is wonderful. In fact, this dress is so fashionable these days that almost everyone wears it. This dress looks beautiful in the pictures, but will it please me when I am wearing it on the milongada? The most reliable thing for you to have an idea about the quality of the fabric is the photos where the fabric details in. This is more important than fabric ingredient information.

If you can only see the model and some patterns vaguely while looking at the photographs of the tango dresses, you can ask the seller for detailed fabric photos. You can even ask the seller to take a mini video of the fabric moving it around, so you can get an idea of ​​the fabric’s quality from the movement of the fabric and the reflection of light.

2- Are the photos taken in Tango poses?

If you have been doing tango for a while, when you look at a tango dress product, you will be familiar with its style, pattern and colors. Even the posture of the models reminds you of something about tango. This is an important point! If the model wearing the tango dress in the photographs poses as you can see in any magazine, you should be careful here.

While photographing tango products, I think the mannequin wearing the product should give pictures with tango poses. Because we do not use tango clothes the way we use the casual clothes we use in daily life. I mean, we need the comfort on tango dresses more than the comfort of casual dresses. If the model wearing tango dresses did not give pictures with tango poses, I have no idea whether these clothes would be comfortable in tango movements. Of course, just because he posed a tango doesn’t mean this tango dress is 100 percent comfortable. But in a tango dress photographed in a tango pose, if there are some defects in comfort, problems such as blunder, stress will arise. A pair of eyes who know tango can immediately spot these flaws in the dress.

3- Can you order a custom tango dress?

You can have standard body sizes. And you might think that this title doesn’t interest you much. Before moving on to the next item, focus on this question. The tango dress you are considering to buy is the length you want? Look at the details of the dress and look at the length offered as standard. If you cannot see it in details, definitely consult the seller. If it is of a size that you think is not suitable for you, it will be very important whether the tango store you will buy makes personalized products. If the answer is yes, you can easily order a custom tango dress that fits you.

Tango Dresses

4- Reviews are The Best Tips for Tango Dresses.

I am a tango instructor and I am someone who is happy as I teach people tango. As they dance, I share their excitement. I experience the same thing when they wear the tango clothes they bought from us. and their comments are very important to us. I also believe that people who do tango are special people and their comments are more reliable than the comments on any sales site. When buying a tango dress, what could be more valuable than the experience of someone who has worn an outfit before. Of course, in the comments, you can get information not only about the product, but also about customer relations, ease of payment, shipping and many other details.


What do you pay attention to while buying a Tango dress? Or what do you think needs attention. Please share with me by leaving a comment. If you want to see our tango dress models you can visit here. You can us on social media untangomastangoclothes.

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