Tango Trousers Men’s: How did we start?

Especially when I started dancing tango, if I was going to milonga in the evening, I would start preparing at noon. I would choose my tango trousers men’s and shirt to wear at night and start ironing with tango music. In other words, tango started early in the day for me. After ironing was over, I would rehearse them, stand in front of the mirror, pose and watch how I stand. I would choose my favorite strong songs and imagine how I would dance the night away. When I went to the milongas, the night passed like a dream.

As I went to milongas, the tango pants worn by tango teachers and old tango dancers started to catch my attention. Especially the teachers were also wearing jackets. But the jackets were not much different from the jackets I was used to. The different ones were the pants. They were quite different from casual trousers. They had certain local characteristics. As if these trousers had a meaning. They were telling something. They were both quite abundant, but they were not completely shabby. Although I saw very shabby pants, I did not like them very much. The more vigorous ones seemed more elegant to me and I found them more like tango. I should have bought these pants too.

I went to a tailor to have a tango pants in the model I wanted. But if you don’t live in Argentine, it is really hard to tell the tailor the trousers you want. Of course, if the tailor is not competent, it is very difficult to have a pair of trousers close to what you want. So it happened. No matter how many trousers I made for different tailors, I could never have the trousers I wanted.

This time I thought of buying pants from tango schools. But when I saw the trousers sold by tango schools, i saw these product were not different from trousers the tailors made that i went.

I do not know why in those years, maybe it was not something we used to buy any product on the internet, I did not think to buy pants from abroad. As a last resort, I decided to design my own pants. I did not have any sewing or tailoring experience. The first trousers I made were more like Sinbad’s pants than tango pants. I continued to work on the bad designs that I made.

Although I continue my life as a tango instructor and someone who sews and sells tango clothes, I’m actually a mechanical engineer. With the technical drawing and production skills that this brought, tango trousers men’s started to look as I wanted as they went. I updated the patterns, sewed pants over and over again. Having no previous sewing experience and not starting with any trousers made me make tango pants unlike any other tango pants. As a result, Untangomas Tango Trousers stand out from the rest. And right now, we produce and send our 5 wonderful designs of tango pants to the whole world. And our new patterns are waiting in line, waiting to be sewn.

Tango dance is a great adventure for me. Now I continue this wonderful adventure by sewing great tango pants and clothes.

I would like you to share with me what you experienced about clothing in the first days of starting tango. Please share with me in the comments.

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