5 Best Tango Movie You will like to Watch

Argentine tango is a legendery with its birth story and its developing process. The magic of this legendery is surronding our life in a particular way like tango nights, relationships based on tango, wardrobes full of tango dresses. Would you like to see the stories how our lives surrounded with tango in movie, in other words movies that include tango? Today, I am going to share top 5 movies in which tango is the subject that you will like to watch.

1- The Tango Lesson (1997)

This is the best movie about tango for me. The passion in the movie effects you and your dance. A woman comes to Paris to work on her film and takes tango lessons from a tango dancer. The man who gives lesson has a big ego and connected to tango with passionate. Tango begins to both connect and separate them. The details are here.

2- Tango (1998)

Mario is a famous director. After His wife left him, he tries to stop his pain by dedicating himself to a new movie. But, thing didnt go as planned. I guess you will like amazing tango scenes, and interesting choreographies. If you like to learn more, details are here.

3- Scent of a Woman (1992)

Perhaps this movie is the most pleasant version of tango. I hadn’t started tango when I watched this movie and of course I was amazed by Al Pacino. The film is about a prep student student babysitting a blind man to earn money. They live things that will warm you up together. And with a great tango scene … If you like to learn more, details are here.

4- Assassination Tango (1992)

This movie is about the story of a hit man who goes to Argentina to kill and takes dance lessons. Perhaps the best part of this movie is that Géraldine Rojas and Javier Rodriguez were together when they were partners. If you like to learn more, details are here.

5- Our Last Tango (2015)

To be honest I haven’t seen this movie yet. I added it to this list because I saw the trailer and thought it was worth watching. I will share my thoughts here when I watch. Maybe I will add a comment from you as a comment here. If you like to see details click here.

Conclusion of 5 Best Tango Movie

I wanted to share about short information and my feeling about movies about tango. If you think another dream movies about tango should place at this list please leave a comment, and we can share.

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