How to Measure Tango Pants in 4 Steps

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When you start tango dance, your focus is on tango steps and learning how to dance freely. When you achieve this, you start to focus on different details to become a better dancer and experience tango more deeply. One of the elements of feeling tango deeper is the tango clothes you wear: Tango shoes, shirts, tango pants. Aside from others, tango pants are the most important detail that expresses your dance character and you. Therefore, when you order tango pants, it is very important that you hit the bulls-eye.

I explained what should be considered to choose the right fabric while buying tango trousers here. In this article, I will talk about how to take the right measurements for tango trousers and what not to do when taking measurements. And if you don’t have someone to help you take your measurements, I’ll give you some advice on how to take your measurements yourself.

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What Measurements Should be Taken for Tango Pants:

I will tell the measurements in two groups that should be taken for tango trousers into Main measurements, Auxiliary measurements. The main measurements are waist size and trousers length. These are the priority measurements for tango trousers to suit you, and the tango trousers are sewn according to the main measurements exactly you provide.

Auxiliary measurements are your inside leg length and your hip size. These are the measurements that are necessary for the tango pants to fit you. The difference from the main measurements is that these measurements you give may not be applied exactly to trousers. In addition, tango trousers can be sewn for you without auxiliary measurements. If you have a size that does not go beyond the standards, you may not need to take auxiliary measurements. For example, if you have a thin waist but a wide hip, it will be necessary to take these measurements.

The auxiliary measurements you provide are applied to the trousers as required, depending on the model of your trousers. The main thing for the tailor here is to check that these auxiliary measurements you provide are within the acceptable range for the application. In this way, for example, the crotch or hips of the trousers are not narrow to you. Let’s talk in more detail about each item now, how you should take these measurements, and where they are used.

1 – How to Measure Tango Pants Waist

This measure is the circumference of your waist. You can measure the circumference of your waist with a tape measure. So far, everything is simple. However, there are two important points to note.

Make Sure You Read the Right Side

The first is to read the tape measure correctly. A tape measure is usually 1.5 meters, and two-sided. . And when you look at the back of the 40 cm length, you will see the 110 cm measurement. For this reason, when you round the tape measure around your waist, you should make sure that you read the right face. For example, if your waist is 85 cm and you look at the wrong side of the tape measure, you can read 65 cm. This situation can be encountered for those who do not take measurements continuously. Since we use ready-to-wear clothes most of the time, it is normal for you to make such a mistake.

Measure at the right level

The second is the level at which you round the tape measure around your waist while you measure. So, according to what should you adjust this level? It is very simple: the level you will use the waist of tango pants is that level. It may be a mistake to try to find the answer to this question by looking at your daily clothes. For example, you probably won’t wear tango pants at the same level as blue jeans.

2- How to measure the length of tango pants

This is the length from the level you decided when measuring the waist to the level of the hem of the trousers. This size you take is one of the main measurements for your pants. So, this measure is exactly applied to your pants.

When measuring the length of the tango pants, the correct thing is to measure it with dance shoes. The best way to measure the length of tango pants is to get help from a friend. If you are going to take this size alone at home, you can measure up to where you want the waist of the trousers by pressing a part of the tape measure with your heel. Then remove the part you stepped on from this length. If you repeat this process several times, you will get a more accurate result.

3- How to Measure Inner Leg Length for Inseam.

This is the most confusing measurement. Where exactly should be measured? First of all, I have to say this. The inseam measurement you give when ordering tango trousers is not the measurement applied to the trousers. This measure should be the length of your inner leg: the length from your crotch to the floor when you wear a fitting trouser. the purpose of this measure is to able to understand for us your crotch height, not for you to decide how much length the inside seam of the trousers will be. I want to emphasize, this measure is the length of your inner leg.

Why is Inner Leg Length Needed?

The inner seam length of the trousers is shaped according to the model of the tango trousers you will order. According to the inner leg length you have given, we decide whether the inseam length of the trousers will be suitable for you. If it is not suitable, we will make the necessary arrangement according to the size of your inner leg. When you give us this measurement, we do not apply this size exactly to trousers.

It can be difficult to take the inseam size at home alone. To get this size on your own, lean against the wall and place a mark at your crotch. You can find your inner leg length by measuring the height of this mark from the ground. Or you can take the inside leg size of your full fit trousers, the pants should not have a stretchy fabric.

4-How to Measure the Hip Size for Tango Pants

This is the measure of the circumference of your hip. You should measure the tape measure by placing it at the widest part of your hip. It is one of the necessary auxiliary measurements for the tango pants to fit you. For example, if you have a larger hip than your body’s average, this size becomes important. Therefore, changes can be made while applying this measure to trousers.

You can measure all these measurements in cm or inches for tango pants. When you want to order, you will see that the options are specified in both cm and inch.

I would like to remind you that all those who order pants from Untangomas are satisfied. You can use this information to order with peace of mind. If you have a question, remember that you can always mail me directly. Your comments are very important to me, you can ask your questions by leaving a comment on this article.


I am explaining how to measure tango pants and what not to do when taking measurements. And if you don’t have someone to help you take your measurements, I’ll give you some advice on how to take your measurements yourself.

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