How to Dress for Tango? Handy Tips for Beginners.

When you decide to start dancing tango, besides the happiness you feel, some questions begin to appear in your mind. So much so that my students who wanted to attend tango classes during my teaching period asked me the following questions: What do I wear when dancing? I don’t have any clothes for tango … I am answering the questions about how to dress for tango on this post especially for beginners.

I believe it is important to answer these questions. Otherwise, unanswered questions like these are an obstacle for candidates who want to start tango, and maybe that’s why these people move away from tango.

In this post, I will share information that may answer your questions about how to dress tango dancing as a tango instructor and tango outfit designer and give you little advice on suitable clothes for argentine tango for beginners. If you have more personal questions or concerns about tango clothing, you can share them in the comments or feel free to write to me. I want you to know that I will be happy to assist. Everything for Tango 🙂


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Shall I do Buy Tango Clothes Before Starting Tango?

You don’t have to buy any tango outfit or a pair of tango shoes to attend Argentine Tango classes. Especially don’t worry about following the rules of Tango. You can feel comfortable about this as you will be joining the classes with a group of beginners. Don’t be pressured by the tango instructors or some assistant teachers wearing tango clothes during the lessons, they love this job and they care about tango outfits to make them more technically comfortable. You, like them, will start to buy your Tango clothes according to your needs and taste over time.


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How to Dress for Tango Class?


The most important thing about tango dresses for tango lessons is that it makes you comfortable while dancing tango. In other words, instead of wearing tight blue jeans, it will be sufficient to wear wide-cut trousers for men, flexible trousers or tight skirts for women. The situation is the same for tango shoes. The important thing is that you wear balanced and comfortable shoes that will not restrict the movement of your feet while learning tango.

How to Dress for Milongas and Tango Festivals

You have been attending classes for a while and now you feel ready to go to milongas. Maybe you went to milongas to watch people dancing even if you haven’t danced before. Here you will see men wearing loose trousers and women wearing different dresses or skirts than casual clothes. Almost all of them are stylish clothes that you are not used to seeing outside. So how is tango clothes different from other clothes?

What are the differences between Tango clothes and Casual Outfits?

The difference is huge for Tango Pants. Tango trousers offer you freedom in leg movements and a classic trouser elegance with their design. Tango trousers should not have the same pattern as casual clothing. While buying tango pants, it is important that it appeals to your taste as well as offers you comfort while dancing. For this, it may be important to heed the previous advice. For example, how can you dance tango in tango pants whose crotch is tight for you even when you are wearing them?

The situation is no different for women, it is important to be comfortable while dancing as well as being stylish. So your nightdress that turns you into a black swan for any event may not be suitable for milongas or tango festivals. What is not suitable?

Tango dresses are sewn from stretchy fabrics. Dresses that do not have stretchy structure limit and force you while you dance tango. I can’t think of a dance if you can’t feel free when dancing tango. Flexibility is an important detail if you want to choose from your daily outfits that are suitable for tango and wear them while dancing tango.

Another factor related to comfort is design. The tango skirt should have cuts that won’t catch on your feet or heels while dancing or should have the ideal length depending on the model of the tango skirt or tango dress. For the tango top, the design is important in terms of not slipping and keeping the original form while you dance tango. If you want to understand whether the designs of stylish clothes in your closet are suitable for tango, I can recommend you to wear them at home and do your dance exercises. This will give you a clue as to whether any of your evening wear is suitable for tango.

I think it is an enlightening article especially for those who are new to the Argentine Tango dance. If you have any suggestions for those who are new to tango, please leave in the comments.

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