What is Argentine Tango what is not?

Though Argentine Tango has become more popular familiar to us, there are still a lot of myths about it. For many of us, the connotation made by tango is either limited to walking with a rose in the mouth, or with difficult moves made with flashy tango clothes. How accurate do we know what, is Tango a dance of passion? Is tango really hard?

Tango, a dance with a certain pattern in our dreams, a rose in the mouth, steps taken with hard attitudes, hard-to-make figures with hard-to-wear tango clothes, a man and a woman who push their legs together … if any, associated with tango. Perhaps it is more appropriate to exclude different styles at this point, but if it is Argentina Tango, then we need to clarify a little bit.

Argentina Tango World’s Easiest Dance
Argentine Tango is the product of a culture. It may have certain habits and some usual tango clothes. It is definitely not a dance in which a certain talent or dancer group living in Argentina writes a book of rules. A dance that is based on sharing, standing together, moving together, hugging with music and walking together. Could a dance be really hard that embraced the whole world from children to big people?


One of the main reasons for me to be a defender of this claim is that even though we are doing tango dresses and tango pants today, we have been giving trainings for years, and everyone can easily do this dance after our training. Moreover, considering the participants of all ages and that they have not taken any dance courses before. The result is something like magic, despite the taboos in the heads. Literally from hot sands to cool waters…

Dance of Love and Passion? If not?
There is a mess here, we need to separate the wheat from the chaff. You can be connected to dance, tango with love and passion. However, every time we dance, the thought that we are burning in love reminds me of the vampires coming to the sun and i am laughing :). I think that wrong slogans and wrong expressions caused this error over the years. You may want to hug and dance to someone you love, or fall in love with the person you hug and dance with. But on the way to love, tango is just one of the shares in our lives. We should not put a different meaning on the subject.

Wrong Ideas
Those who want to start the Tango course have many wrong ideas in mind. For example, they have to wear tango clothes to dance. One of the wrong idea is that they should go to courses with someone who can partner with them. I am not sure exactly what lies beneath this thought. But I think that you might not be the only one who wants to participate alone. Whether you attend classes alone or with a friend, if you know that lessons will not always dance with the same person, attending alone can become more acceptable.

My Memorization Is Not Good, I Can’t.

When it comes to dance lessons, steps 1-2-3 come to mind. Argentine Tango has nothing to do with numbers, you don’t have to memorize anything. Tango is an improvise dance. Of course, you have technical details and tricks to have a dance that looks more beautiful together. In order to transfer these details in a systematic way, we sometimes produce and share the templates that we consider useful and sometimes with the participants. Then we break these templates and leave them to the discretion of the dancer. So the dancer learns what he did and why. That’s all.

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