Tango dancer can adopt tango philosophy as life philosophy?

Can Tango philosophy be life philosophy for a tango dancer?

Tango holds a very important place in the lives of many of tango dancer. Tango lessons, milongas, tango practices, tango festivals, tango dresses that fill your closet. In short, we can spend a lot of time and money on tango. So what does an activity that we engage with so much really mean to us?

Tango is a truly amazing dance. It is certain that it is much more than just a dance with its history, culture and dynamics. The birth of tango, the way tango dancers live and the way they express it through tango is a true legend. The emergence of tango is even more impressive than tango. But after this exciting story of existence, tango is waiting to be reshaped when it enters our lives.

Tango contains many ideas. If you can internalize these structures, you can say that you have a treasure waiting to be discovered. For example empathy. Empathy is actually the subject of the first tango lessons. If you have taken tango lessons, maybe the word empathy is not emphasized, but rest assured, you cannot begin tango without practicing empathy. In order for a woman to respond to a man’s invitation, first of all the tanguero must know what a woman needs. Only then he can lead the tanguera correctly. How much can tango be understood without developing a sense of empathy and practicing empathy?

Relation of Empathy and Tango for Tango Dancer

You need empathy to understand tango. Tango requires empathy as much as it is a great way to develop empathy. It offers us a great rally where you can practice an abstract concept like empathy.
When we look at tango from this window, we can draw the following conclusion. The main purpose, the real life philosophy, can be different for everyone. Tango can be a great tool in achieving this philosophy.

so what do you think? What feature of tango is strong enough to affect your life? Could Tango be a philosophy of life? Share with me in comments.

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